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Rent Lamborghini Dubai

When we think about some extraordinary vehicles able to impress, sports cars usually come to mind. Without a doubt, the most popular, fast, and inspiring model known to everybody is Lamborghini, which combines unique design, high technologies, and comfort. If you appreciate the speed, convenience, quality, and hanker for new emotions and experiments, you'll certainly fall in love with it. It seems farfetched to most of the visitors as this brand doesn't fit everyday life and budget. Still, we ruin prejudice and offer you to brighten your routine, forget about those grey cars that take people to their offices, and experience incredible feelings from driving a fantastic model! Rent Lamborghini Dubai and gain freedom, energy, and maneuverability dreamt by millions!

Lamborghini Rental Price

Hire Lamborghini in Dubai

Our elite vehicle rental has an extensive luxurious fleet that includes various vehicles working flawlessly. Moreover, our managers find an individual approach to every client and support them 24/7. Thus, we guarantee the selection of the very model, free delivery to the specified place, and a flexible discount system.

To rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, you should define the desired auto, choose the date and book it on site by filling the form in a minute. Don't forget your driving license, credit card, and ID to draw up an agreement and receive the keys almost immediately!

Regarding the rental fee, it usually starts from $800 per day. Anyway, luxurious design, easy handling, and a fantastic driver experience are worth the cost.

Besides, by hiring it, you become part of a marvelous city. Thus, the sights and beautiful places impress you, while the car you drive inspires others. We know how to make users happy and satisfied - our managers constantly monitor the market to present you with the best solutions. Those who trust us once continue relying on our service for a long time. If you aren't sure whether you're ready to book Lamborghini Dubai or rent some other lux car, please contact us right now. Our pros will answer your questions during a personal consultation.

The Class of Cars Available for Rent - Pros & Cons

Among hot and popular types, our car hire company allows visitors to rent Aventador Roadster, and Huracan Spyder. Surely, some of them have more benefits than others, every automobile shows a hot temper and passion and can reach a speed of up to 350km per hour and includes all the necessary settings like air conditioning, TV, Internet, navigator, and so on.

In our catalog, you can choose an auto of any class: convertible, hatchback, coupe, minivans, crossover, or sedan, so you'll stay pleased whether you want to hire Lamborghini Dubai, rent Rolls Royce, or book KIA.

Lamborghini Rental in Abu Dhabi

Taste luxury life and explore the most significant places in Abu Dhabi, the capital of beauty and wealth. Rent Lamborghini in Dubai, and we'll fill a fuel tank and deliver the vehicle where it's necessary after a thorough technical inspection and a car wash. Thus, you'll receive an auto in perfect condition, ready to conquer the whole UAE.

Hire a Lamborghini for a Day

It's worth hiring a Lamborghini Dubai anyway! Lambo will let you spend time viewing the city and nature, enjoying top speed, or exploring every street and corner. Thus, you'll appreciate the trip and experience the horsepowers of a chosen vehicle.

Don't know what to visit if you have only one day? Here are our must-visit places: Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Mosque, and Palm Monorail.

Dubai Car Rental Information - FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Lambo in Dubai?

Charges vary considering your preferences. Thus, you can easily save your money, i.e., if you rent Lamborghini Dubai and use it on a long-time basis, you pay less ($4480 instead of $5600 per week).

How much is a Lamborghini rental per day?

Even if you have $800 in your pocket, this model is affordable for you. Have a marvellous day with Lambo!

What's it like to drive a Lamborghini?

That's like reining in the wild beast. At first, it seems complicated, the roar and the power of the engine surprise, and it's improbable that you're at the wheel of this fantastic vehicle. Then you pump the gas and don't believe your eyes when the speedometer needle indicates the speed that seems impossible. You'd better stop holding your breath and enjoy driving to the fullest.

What do I need to rent a Lamborghini and drive in Dubai?

In order to rent Lamborghini in Dubai, one only has to pay a deposit and have an active credit card, ID, and a valid driver license with them. That's all the necessary docs. If you're at least 21 years old, we draw up an agreement, and you go on an adventure.

What is parking like in Dubai?

It's mostly paid per hour of parking. Special machines, which issue a receipt for the paid service, are installed. This receipt must be placed in a visible place so that it can be seen through the windshield.

Also, the parking from 1 to 4 pm is free. Information about the free parking time is usually indicated on information boards installed in parking lots. Most areas and districts in Dubai don't have fines for parking on the sidewalk.

Can I take the Lamborghini rental car to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

Undoubtedly, you’re free to book a car and drive it where you require. Then we'll take it back despite its location.